I had the great opportunity to have Charlie Daniels join me on the morning show live on KXRB Friday August 17th. It was one of those interviews where I wished I would have had more time to talk with my guest. Even though we chatted for nearly 20 minutes, we barely got started.

Charlie is such a legendary individual with his music career dating back to the late 1950's. With over 50 years of music, there are countless stories. A member of The Grand Ole Opry, Charlie touched on his great pride for his work in the music industry.

But what I found most interesting was his passion and knowledge of the American farmer. His life growing up in North Carolina was on a farm. He talked about the effect of our current drought situation and the problems of not having the necessary feed for livestock.

Having a music superstar talk about life for regular people like you and I was very inspiring. I hope you had a chance to hear my interview with Charlie and you enjoyed it.