Daily Distraction

Did You Know You’ve Driven Over Gritters Jitters?
You've driven over them and so have I.
Maybe you were driving along, lost in a thought or two, and then...bump-bump-bump-bump. Darn, you ran over what's technically called 'rumble strips'. You know, those little ridges along the side of the highway or interstate that gently remind…
Whatever Happened To Baby Jessica?
A lot of things happened in the 1980's. It was an active decade. Good things. Bad things. And then there were things that had us on the edge of our proverbial seats.
One of those things that would fall into that latter 'edge of seat' category involved an 18-month-old little girl we all…
Why are there June Bugs?
Happy June Bug Day! if there can be such a thing. June Bugs are the worst, grossest, gross, hard shelled, goo filled, things ever!

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