When you sell your house for less than you bought it, well, that's normally not a good thing.

According to the Associated Press, Carrie Underwood and her husband did just that, taking a loss.

AP) - Carrie Underwood has sold the house she bought with her "American Idol" earnings. Zillow reports Underwood bought the house in Franklin, Tennessee, in 2005 for $384,000. She took a $11,500 loss on it.

It has three bedrooms, three and a half baths and about 3,000 square feet. Underwood bought another home outside Nashville about two years later, and now she and her husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, are planning to build a house on 400 acres in Franklin.

And while it's never fun to lose money on a sale, Carrie and her Hubby are probably still doing ok. But I'll bet he wishes they'd get back to playing NHL hockey!