If we were to sit down and make a list of all the songs that you hear on KXRB by various artists that Bill Anderson wrote, we would need some time and a lot of notepad.

I played 'Once A Day' by Connie Smith on Wednesday's (7/16/14) Morning Show because it had been 50 years to the day of it being recorded. Well that song of the year from a half century ago was written by Bill.

Some of my favorite songs in country music were penned by him. And the songs that he recorded himself are some of the best ever in my book.

I have interviewed the best of them over the years on my radio show. The day I had bill on as a guest is a memory of a lifetime.

Bill has a new album out called 'Life'. A song on there that I think is great is 'Bubba Garcia's.

Here's Bill talking about the song:

Now let's watch him perform it: