Here's a novel idea for a fun family outing.

Load up Mom, Jimmy, Bobby, Lisa and Mary. Make sure they're buckled in (safety first!). Back the station wagon out of the driveway, turn on your favorite radio station and have a fun family sing-a-long while driving to your local pizza place.

Wait! Oh, darn. We forgot the most important thing. No, not the dog, it's illegal to bring Rover in the store.

We forgot the double barrel shotgun! Shoot (pun intended), we'd have to pay full price is we didn't bring along the shotgun, rifle, pistol or AK-47!

According to the Associated Press...

(AP) - A Virginia Beach pizza shop owner is showing his support for firearm rights by giving gun owners a 15 percent discount.

The discount is given to anyone who brings a gun or concealed handgun permit to All Around Pizzas and Deli.

Owner Jay Laze tells news media outlets that he'd planned on offering the discount for a limited time. But he says the response has been overwhelming and he might make it permanent.

Since the discount began last Friday, Laze says 80 percent of his customers have brought guns into the pizza shop. He says one customer came in with an AK-47.

Laze is a gun owner and says he's always been a supporter of the right to carry firearms.

So...there you have it. If you have a Smith and Wesson, the pepperoni, sausage, canadian bacon and cheese pizza's are cheaper. If you don't, well for crying out loud, there's a gun shop next to the pizza parlor!