(AP) - Brad Paisley's next album will feature a special custom-made guitar. It was given to him by Pennsylvania resident Lee Feldman who was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer last year.

Feldman told Fox TV affiliate channel 43 in Harrisburg that he didn't know what to do with the guitar, one of his most treasured possessions, but then he had a dream. It should go to Brad Paisley who he says could "play the frets off" of it.

With the help of some friends in the music business Feldman, was able to personally hand over his guitar to Paisley who told him he's planning on using it on his next album. Feldman says Paisley also revealed that his grandfather died from pancreatic cancer and that he was the one who taught Paisley "how to play guitar in the first place."

Feldman says he's happy the guitar isn't going to sit and collect dust. He says he wanted somebody to play it and now his wish will come true.