I've always liked Bob Dylan.  While there have been a lot of time's I haven't been able to understand Bob Dylan (on a number of levels!) I've always admired his songwriting talent, one of the great songwriters of the last half of the 20th Century.

As a kid, I didn't get the significance of songs like "Blowin' In The Wind," but I liked them anyway.  To this day, I think the greatest Rock and Roll song in history is "Like A Rollin' Stone."

Of course, I wasn't alone in liking the music, lyrics and songs of Bob Dylan. One of his biggest fans (and vice versa) was Johnny Cash. Dylan appeared on Johnny's hit TV series and Cash recorded several Bob Dylan penned tunes.

And compared to today's "Country Music," well, Bob Dylan (in my humble opinion) is a lot more Country than that!

The song below was featured in the 1973 movie Pat Garret And Billy The Kid, a movie that co-starred my all-time favorite songwriter Kris Kristofferson.  Bob had a small role in that movie and contributed this song "Knockin' On Heavens Door".

In the version below, Bob is joined by guitar whiz Mark Knopfler of the band Dire Straits.