This happened around 50 years ago, but I still laugh when I think about it.

My mother's Circle--a small women's group--from our church had met, and I guess it was Mom's duty to write up a story about the meeting and send it to the newspaper in Madison.

The write-up covered the usual, like where they had met, who served lunch and the topic of their Bible study.

The Bible study topic had been, I'm guessing, Good Shepherd-related because it was "Blessed is the Little Flock."

Now, Mom had really good handwriting, so I don't know whether the editor didn't read it right or just got it wrong.

But anyone who read the story must have really wondered what those Lutheran church women were talking about--or doing--at their meeting, because the topic was listed as "Blessed is the Little Flask."

We had a good laugh about that, and as I said, it still makes me laugh to think about it today.