Eric Church tickets went on sale last Friday at 10am, and they were quickly all but gone.

For those that are use to attending events in bigger cities, this isn't as much of a shock as it is to some. We have entered a new era in our little city, and it is NOT a bad deal either.

There's an old business saying that "you get what you pay for" and that will apply directly to the new Denny Sanford Premier Center. The days of walking up to the Arena ticket booth to grab a $10 ticket to the show that starts in 10 minutes is over, at least when it applies to the shows that will be coming to the new venue. In exchange, bigger acts will be coming to the area for a higher ticket price.

It will be important to get tickets as soon as possible from here on. Pre-sale tickets aren't always located in the best locations, but they would guarantee tickets to a hot concert while those are available. Otherwise, once the clock strikes the specific time tickets are on sale, it will be even more important to be ready once they hit the market.

Sioux Falls, it's time to prepare for this. The Eric Church sale provided that little shock that some of us anticipated would be on the way. For those who thought $60 tickets were overpriced, they might freak when they see secondary market tickets for over double the face value.

Brian Opp, manager/owner of in Sioux Falls, says that secondary market tickets are determined based on supply and demand.

"Demand is always the same demand. More people selling tickets = lower the prices. Less tickets available and less people selling = higher prices." - Brian Opp


The secondary market is going to become a popular place for many people when it comes to bigger concerts. Secondary marketplaces do not purchase tickets, but rather act as a platform for people to sell and buy tickets.

As for Eric Church, Opp says that the demand for the artist and for the venue has lead to increased prices. He also adds that Church plays in higher capacity arenas compared to the Denny Sanford Premier Center, and with a smaller crowd capacity the demand increases.

In terms of looking at future concerts, Opp says the best method might be just to take any ticket available.

"Get a pair of tickets. Take them. Take what you can get because you can't be overly picky in a 12,000 seat venue." - Brian Opp.

The new Events Center will have its benefits, but that also means that we as a city have to remember that we have entered a new level. Tickets will be harder to purchase with the demand increase. Box office and secondary market ticket prices will also increase, and higher level acts will enter the area. While these will happen, here in Sioux Falls we can experience acts that most of us would have traveled to Omaha or Minneapolis for.