Do you think you have a good job? Or perhaps you feel your job is not so good.

Before you come to a conclusion on this, let's look at how jobs in the U.S. really rate. An in depth study ranked jobs as the best and the worst based on five factors: physical demands, work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook.

The worst jobs of 2013 and the average pay:

Newspaper reporter: $36,000
Lumberjack: $32,870
Enlisted military personnel: $41,998
Actor: $17.44/hour
Oil rig worder: $37,640
Dairy farmer: $60,750
Meter reader: $36,400
Mail carrier: $53,090
Roofer: $34,220
Flight attendant: $37,740

The best jobs of 2013 and the average pay:

Actuary: $87,650
Biomedical engineer: $81,540
Software engineer: $90,530
Audiologist: $66,660
Financial planner: $64,750
Dental hygienist: $68,250
Occupational therapist: $72,320
Optometrist: $94,990
Physical therapist: $76,310
Computer systems: $77,740

I had to ask the same question, what the blank is Actuary? It's an analyst in the financial world.