Remember the days when you'd go to the grocery store with your Mom and while she'd shop for those breakfast cereals, meats and gosh-awful vegetables, you'd sit by the comic book rack and...peruse?

The rack was usually wire, round, and full of the latest comics. There's be Archie, Richie Rich, Beetle Bailey and of course all the Superhero's. Hard as it is to believe today, back in them thar 'olden-days', you could actually get 3 comic books in a clear plastic casing...on one side would be Superman, on the other side would be Sad Sack and in the middle...ugh! It would be a comic book about Barbie or Lulu or something else that only the girl's would like!

The best were the Superhero's, of course. Superman, Batman, the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman or maybe the Green Hornet. Page after page, and finally the villain would be vanquished and it was time to wait for next month's issue!

Well, according to the Associated Press, two of our favorite Superhero's are returning, together!

(AP) - DC Entertainment says it will unveil a new ongoing series focusing on Superman and Batman, two of the publisher's best-known and revered heroes.

'Batman/Superman' is set to debut in June and will be written Greg Pak and illustrated by Jae Lee. It will focus on how the two iconic heroes first met in the publisher's relaunched universe, dubbed The New 52.

Pak says DC is giving he and Lee "some real leeway to do some really important storytelling" in the series that will give readers the opportunity to delve deep into the characters, their interaction and the effects on the wider New 52 universe.

The two characters have been a part of DC since the late 1930s.