It seems every year about this time we start hearing heartbreaking stories of babies and young children being left in hot cars.

Tuesday the Associated Press reported on this tragedy:

Police in Moorhead say a 5-month-old girl has died after being left in a minivan for hours.  Moorhead police identified the dead girl as Christiana Natany Sandstrom.  Authorities arrived at the scene about 8:20 p.m. Tuesday and learned the girl had been left in a car seat inside the vehicle for about four hours.  The first responder found that the infant girl had been moved to a nearby apartment and began administering CPR. However, the child was pronounced dead at the scene.  Lt. Chris Carey says in a news release that an investigation into the death is underway.

This situation is beyond sad and a reminder of why we all need to constantly remind ourselves of the importance of hot weather child safety.