I believe that deep down inside it is human nature to want to be liked by others. And we try to do things that will be appealing to people around us whether they are someone we know or complete strangers.

But in the process of trying to do all the right stuff, I think we all do the completely wrong things from time to time without even realizing it. And while we are busy trying to be liked we are turning people off at maybe a faster pace.

We need to avoid doing things that people hate. Again, you may be doing some of this without any intention what-so-ever of offending anyone.

I didn't resort to any kind of scientific study on this matter. This didn't come from Harvard or from some professor in England. What you are about to read here came from my audience, yes the folks around you right here in Sioux Falls, on a study I conducted on my morning show.

I gathered a wealth of information and here's the top 5 things people do that other people hate:

  1. Walking away from someone while still talking to them
  2. Talking on your cell phone in checkout lanes
  3. Driving too close to the vehicle in front of you
  4. Changing the subject in the middle of a conversation
  5. Texting while talking with someone

Show as much respect for everyone around you as you can and you will find life to be a whole lot better.