Sioux Falls Psychiatrist Dr. Matthew Stanley, Medical Director of the Avera Behavioral Health Center in Sioux Falls knows the signs of depression.

""We look at several major categories.  One of the key things is the person either feels depressed or has lost the ability to enjoy things.  We also look at one's sleep patterns---do you sleep more than would be normal or are you unable to sleep.  Depression can affect sleep either way.  Appetite can also go either way: when depression sets in, the person's appetite drops off or the person overeats.  Certainly thoughts of suicide should be followed up immediately."

If left untreated, Dr. Stanley says depression can lead to suicide.  "There often is a period before where people talk about suicide or giving some clues.  It's very hard to know someone we care about dies by suicide.  But, it happens."

The good news is this:  80 percent of all people with clinical depression who have received treatment significantly improve their lives.