At one time or another we've all probably dreamed of living in a 'grand' home like the one pictured above. Seven bedrooms, five bath, 4200 square feet. Beautiful! What if I told you that this house will be available for as little as a grand. Yes. $1000.

Building Detroit is a website that has struck on the idea of trying to rebuild bankrupt Detroit one classic home at a time by offering these big, beautiful 'fixer uppers' for as little as $1000.

About 15 Detroit mansions were put up on an auction website recently with the bids starting at a grand and, so far, 5 houses have been sold for around $30,000.

The goal is to have people move into these homes, fix them up, and jumpstart the economy.

Of course that means you'd have to move to Detroit, but still, it's a pretty cool idea!

I wonder if we could start a "Building Rowena" or "Building Corson" to help people who would like to have a classic big home but don't have the big money?