You may not know who Aaron Watson is.  In fact, you probably don't.  But you should.

Aaron Watson's music isn't played a lot on 'mainstream' country music station's.  I suppose for a lot of them, he's just 'too country'.

Well, as you know, here at KXRB we play true country music.  We don't play very many of the new songs, or for that matter the new artist's.  You see, we (and you) love our music country.

So let me introduce you to a great new (at least to us) Country artist...his name is Aaron Watson.

It was in the past year or so we began playing a great 'future classic' by Aaron called 'Raise Your Bottle'.  Now, he's released a new single called 'July In Cheyenne'.  The song is sub-titled 'Song For Lane's Momma', referring to Rodeo Legend Lane Frost.

It's a great song, a great country song. Give it a listen here and be listening for it (along with all your favorite country classics) at AM 1000 Classic Country KXRB.

And Aaron, thanks for keeping it Country!