A Poem for Wesson
(From Kristi)

Our child did not choose to have cancer

Cancer chose to have him

I feel we barely go to know our Wesson

Before this cancer thing came in.

As time passed by we realized

Just how precious life can be.

His delicate life before us

Has opened our eyes to see.

He’s our courageous fighter

And he battled to the end.

And although his passing came of this,

We know our child is a Godsend.

We opened up our hearts and minds

And vowed to live life half full.

We gladly gave our all to our son,

Body, mind and soul.

As he beat this thing called cancer,

We stood right by his side.

Exhausted, stressed and anxious,

Through high tide and low tide.

We’ve gotten through some dark days,

And now there’s more to come.

But where there’s darkness – light will shine,

When all is said and done.

Our love is never ending,

That’s our promise and our creed.

We know this is God’s plan for Wesson,

And Lord, you have the lead.

Our Warrior is an angel up in the heavenly skies.

I’m so happy you are free my darling,

We no longer hear your cries.

And though your presence is gone, my dear,

Your memory isn’t far.

Your legacy will live on for years and years,

You’re now our bright and shining star.

We’ll meet someday in heaven,

And I can’t wait to see those eyes.

So yes, this good-bye for now,

Though your spirit is so near.

I see your smiling face, sweet boy.

And now there is nothing more to fear.