It's Labor Day Week, so lets salute the laborers in the great state of South Dakota and all those around the country.  You folks that work the land, the farmers and ranchers, you don't even know what they mean when they say "40-hour-week".  There's no such thing as a five day week when you make your living off the earth.

And for those of us that work in offices or other workplaces.  Sure, it might be a 40-hour-week in the business place, but who gets the kids to and from school and practices, does the yard work, laundry and cleaning?

Chances are if you're in Viborg or Clear lake, Oldham or Parker, Aberdeen or Yankton...or anywhere in-between, you're putting in a lot more than a 40 hour week.  On the farm, in the office, riding a tractor or stocking items in the grocery store, large business or small, most of us in South Dakota can agree on at least one thing.

We like living here. And working here.