Across the country there is a dangerous designer drug. It's not really new, but it's gaining popularity and is being laced through the lyrics of hip-hop music. When Jay-Z and other rappers reference Molly in their music they mean more than the girl next door. This according to FOX in Dallas.

"It's a very dangerous drug that I'm afraid people can die of and have died in the past," said Dr. Stephen Garrison from Caron Treatment Centers.

The street name for the drug is Molly. It has a long chemical name that's usually shortened to MDMA. Sometimes it's snorted or taken in capsule form. Other times the powder is wrapped in tissue and swallowed.

Users claim it makes them excited and amplifies whatever they are experiencing. Experts said it works by releasing adrenaline-type medicine that affects the body like taking an amphetamine.

Narcotics professionals say it's the exact same drug as meth. Parents should be on the lookout for this with their children. If you have any concerns, I encourage contacting Prairie View Prevention Services in Sioux Falls.