If you're like me you can't believe what happened on Friday in Connecticut. You've watched and heard hours and hours and hours of news reports. You've seen the faces, heard the voices. You've seen the tears and had a few of your own.

You've asked the question, the question, the one that has no answer.


You've seen the experts in all different kinds of area's. The counselor's, the minister's and priest's, the officials, the politicians, the news men and women. They've talked and talked and talked. And just in case it wasn't enough, they've talked some more.

You've seen and heard the people say we should have more gun control. You've heard the people say we shouldn't. "We need fewer guns", "We need more guns".

I have a Christmas Wish. It has nothing to do with guns, it has nothing to do with the "experts" or the TV people. In fact, I suppose it has nothing to do with Newtown, Connecticut, except maybe in some strange, sad, tragic way it made me realize what my one and only Christmas Wish is.

It's just this: Tell your kids you love them. That's it. Tell your kids you love them.

I mean, make it a point to tell them, personal and out loud. It sounds so simple, but is it? Don't just think to yourself "Well, my kids know I love them". Maybe they do, I hope they do, I'm sure they do. But this Christmas, take them aside and say it out loud.

It doesn't matter if they're 3 years old, 13 years old or 45 years old. When's the last time you said, and I mean out loud with meaning (not just a passing phrase at the end of a conversation) "I love you". Nothing more, nothing less.

I have 2 kids, Jeremy and Jessie. One's going to be 35 soon, the other 31. They're not exactly toddlers anymore, with families of their own. And I don't say it enough to them, out loud and meaningful.

I love you, Jeremy. I love you, Jessie.

How about you? How many kids do you have? How old? Maybe a little, I don't know, clumsy feeling to say it to them? Well, go ahead, take a minute, call them if you have to. It'll feel good afterward.

I'll bet there's a lot of parents, not only in Newtown, but all around the country and world that wish (A Christmas Wish?) they could say it to their children just one more time, but can't. Let's make this Christmas Wish come true.