These 5 artist's aren't in the Country Hall of Fame. Why?? They need to be in the Hall - today! See if you agree.

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    Johnny Paycheck

    The 'Outlaw' movement of the 1970's broadened the base of Country Music. All of a sudden it was Okay for young people to listen to Country Music, it was no longer your "Dad's' music, it was something you could put on your cassette player in the car, crank up and let the world know you were a Country Music fan!

    While the Outlaw Movement is generally defined through the likes of Waylon and Willie, Johnny Paycheck was at the forefront as well. His hard edged sound personified what the sub-genre meant and he had hit after hit after hit.

    And of course, he had 'The Anthem'. While several artist's claimed #1 hit's and many of those have become classic's, Johnny Paycheck went beyond that with 'Take This Job and Shove It'. It didn't just top the charts, it defined a large segment of the American population. And nearly 40 years later, it still does.

    For all this and more, Johnny Paycheck deserves a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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    John Denver

    I remember when it was so un-cool to like John Denver.  He wasn't really 'Country', at least not Country like we had grown up with.  He was, I don't know, kind of wimpy, lovey-dovey, popish and a lot of other words, none of which were 'Country'.

    Except...he was Country.  Listen to 'Take Me Home Country Roads', 'Back Home Again', 'Rocky Mountain High' and of course, 'Thank God I'm A Country Boy'.

    In a flash, young women were listening to Country Music, discovering other artist's that they'd never heard of or listened to before.  The so-called Country Music purists turned their back on Denver.  But they cashed the checks they received from extra record sales because of the expanded buying base that was created by John Denver and others.

    John Denver, after all these years, deserves to sit alongside Cash, Twitty, Pride and Strait in the Hall.

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    Hank Williams, Jr.

    Do you think it would be tough to be Michael Jordan Jr. and be able to carve out your own Hall of Fame career?  Muhammad Ali Jr.?  Babe Ruth Jr.?

    That was what faced Hank Williams, Jr.  His name is the most iconic in the history of Country Music thanks to his legendary Father.  For years (particularly as a child) he sang his Daddy's songs and that's all that people demanded.

    But he grew up.  He wanted his own identity.  He wanted his own music.  He forged his own style.

    Hank Jr. has become a legendary name and performer in his own right.  His name might well be Smith or Jones, it doesn't matter, the music stands on it's own.  The career is long and getting longer.  The hits, the music stand the test of time.

    Bocephus deserves to sit at the Country Music Hall of Fame with his Father and all the other Country Music legends.

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    Kenny Rogers

    A great folk music career.  A great Pop Music career.  And all that before he became a Country Music legend.

    Kenny Rogers was the biggest selling artist in the world for over half a decade.  Not the biggest selling Country artist, the biggest selling Artist, period.  Maybe that works against him in Hall of Fame voting.

    But this shouldn't work against him: 'The Gambler', 'Lucille', 'Coward of the County', duet hit after hit after hit with Dolly Parton.

    Kenny Rogers made it 'cool' to be country.  He's sold millions upon millions of records.  And admit it...when 'The Gambler' comes on the radio you turn it up.  When 'Lucille' comes on the radio, you sing along.  And when 'Coward of the County' comes on the radio, you can't wait for those Gatlin boys to get theirs!

    Kenny Rogers should be in the Country Music Hall of

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    Ronnie Milsap

    What did Ronnie Milsap do to tork off the Country Hall of Fame voters?  I interviewed Ronnie and found him to be, not only one of the nicest Country artist's I'd ever talked to, but one of the nicest people in general.  Someone doesn't like Ronnie Milsap!  That has to be it, because...

    Ronnie Milsap had over 40....FORTY...#1 country hits.  Only George Strait and Conway Twitty has had more.  That's right, Ronnie Milsap has had more #1 hit's than Charley Pride, Buck Owens, Hank Williams, Alabama, Garth Brooks, you name 'em.

    Not only that, people who never heard of the other names discovered them through listening to Ronnie Milsap songs.  From 'Pure Love' through 'It Was Almost Like A Song' through 'Lost in the 50's Tonight' and on and on.

    Wow.  Milsap isn't in the Country Music Hall of Fame?  That's not a mistake.  It's a Country Music crime.

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