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    Suspicious Sioux Falls Fire

    A fire on Monday night at 111 North Cleveland Ave. is being viewed as "Suspicious".  Smoke was coming from the building and fire was found on the 1st floor of the apartment.  Residents evacuated the building when the alarm was sounded and no one was hurt.  6 fire trucks and 27 firefighters responded.

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    Brandon Murder Charges

    A Brandon man, 41 year old Thomas Jaraczeski, was arrested last month on murder charges in a 1996 cold case. He was arraigned yesterday in a Montana courtroom. Thomas Jaraczeski, 41, is charged with deliberate homicide in the death of Bryan Rein. 31 year old Rein was found dead on his kitchen floor July 14, 1996, with 2 gunshot wounds to his right arm and one to his chest.

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    Sioux Falls Robbery

    A Sioux Falls man was robbed of his money by 2 other men with which he had been drinking.  The victim allegedly went out to the 2 men's car to buy a bottle of booze after the bar closed and the 2 men instead stole all of his cash.  No one was injured.

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    Tuesday Weather From The NWS

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    How About Drinkable Sunscreen

    A company called Osmosis Skincare just introduced a new product . . . they say it's the world's first DRINKABLE SUNSCREEN.

    Instead of slathering yourself up with sunscreen, you just put a few drops of this stuff in your water . . . and they say it'll protect your skin just like an SPF 30 sunscreen.

    Their website doesn't offer any scientific evidence, and we're not sure how it works from a logical perspective . . . so basically, you're taking their word for it that drinkable sunscreen works.

    The company says you need about two milliliters of the drink every four hours you're in the sun to stay protected. The bottles are 100 milliliters, so you get 200 hours in the sun from one bottle. They sell for $30 online.

    (The Telegraph)