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    Sioux Falls Drunk Driving Crash

    3 people were in a BMW when it hit a semi-truck and ran into a traffic signal around Cliff Ave. and Benson Road.  It was reported that the BMW ran a flashing red light before it hit the semi.  One of the cars passengers received medical treatment.

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    1-90 Motorcycle / Car Accident

    Two people on a motorcycle were seriously injured just after 6pm Sunday night. A Chevy Lumina was making a U-Turn into the eastbound lane of I-90. The Lumina was attempting to make the U-Turn on the emergency access drive between east & westbound lanes when a pickup truck had to stop suddenly to avoid hitting the Lumina. Then the motorcycle slammed into the back of the pickup. The accident occurred close to Hartford around mile marker 394.

    A 53-year-old man and a female passenger on the motorcycle were both wearing helmets and were airlifted to a Sioux Falls hospital.

    The 20-year-old woman who was driving the Lumina that made an illegal U-turn will be cited for unlawful use of an interstate median and crossover.

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    Walmart Loses Power Overnight

    The east side Walmart lost power Sunday night.  Shoppers were not allowed into the store around 10pm when the store lost it's power.  Electric crews arrived on the scene and were hoping to have the power back on by 2am.

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    Monday Forecast From the NWS

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    You Decide Whether or Not You're Going to Buy Something Within 12 Seconds of Seeing It

    You don't need to take long shopping trips. Apparently any shopping trip where you spend more than a few MINUTES in the store is a huge waste of time.

    A new study found you decide whether you're going to buy something within 12 SECONDS of seeing it.

    So as much as you keep shopping around or debating whether you really want it or not . . . deep down, your mind's already made up.

    The researchers tested it with women shopping for clothes. 80% of them said an average shopping trip takes FOUR hours . . . but 78% said they recognize exactly what they're going to buy within 10 to 15 seconds of seeing it.