The LEGO movie was #1 in the box office over the weekend.  What does "LEGO" stand for?  I did a Google search to see.  Yahoo Answers came up with probably the most believable conclusion:

It was in 1934 that the company name Lego was coined by a guy named Christiansen from the Danish phrase 'leg godt', meaning "play well." The Lego Group claims that "Lego" means "I put together" or "I assemble" in Latin, though this is a rather liberal translation of a verb form that would normally translate as "I read" or "I gather."

I believe that LEGO more accurately stands for "Let's Everyone Go Overspend".

My wife suggested that we go see the flick.  I suggested that folks like ourselves, in our extremely late 30's, might be a bit out of place attending such a screening without we take a single younun'.  Since we didn't have a kid, we took Patty.

On Friday Patty, my Wife, our good friend Debbie, & I went to see the LEGO Movie.  It was Patty's & Debbie's first time watching a 3D movie.  They really rocked the 3D glasses.  I have some pics from our adventure below.

Glad I didn't have a little kid to take.  I don't think I have a large enough bank card credit line.  I'm not just talking about the cost of popcorn, drink, candy, tickets, nachos, wieners, pizza, ice cream, antacids, etc.  With the amount of product placement in the movie I'm guessing a parents residual expense is phenomenal?!

The movie features all sorts of cool toys.  And your kid is going to want some.  Now.  Ah, but what the heck.  Take the kids.  Buy them stuff.  You only live once.  Everything is Awesome....

Ben Davis / MIX 97-3
Ben Davis / MIX 97-3
Ben Davis / MIX 97-3