We all loved that 'old yeller dog'.

'Old Yeller' was released in movie theater's in 1957. A Walt Disney production, that old yeller dog captured the hearts of millions. I had always thought I saw 'Old Yeller' in a movie theater, so when I saw that it was released in 1957 I thought, 'Nope, couldn't have, I was a wee bit too young then'. But then I found something out.

It was re-released in theater's in 1965. OK, that's when i saw it! And so did a lot of other people, because the re-release garnered about $2 million dollars (Oh I know, doesn't seem like much now, but back in the 'old days' that was a good chunk of change!).

I've seen the movie many times over the years. I recall it was on Walt Disney's Wonderful World Of Color TV show. And I'm sure it's probably shown on some of the classic movie channel's from time to time.

'Old Yeller' was one of those rare movies that got into the heart's of Grandpa's and Grandma's, Mom's and Dad's and the kids, too. Think about that...how many movies do that? And of course, this was back in the day's when a Disney movie meant everyone could go, young and old alike. Yes, hard to believe, but no one swore and everyone kept their clothes on. The only computer's used to enhance the film was the one between your ears. It was called imagination.

There were lot's of laugh's in 'Old Yeller', and of course the ending brought tear's to young and old alike. Oh, and there was drama.

Check out the scene below. Arliss is getting himself into some trouble and...here comes 'Old Yeller' to the rescue!